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Best Large Apartment Dogs

Below is our Breed Selector Matrix to help find large apartment dogs that fit your individual lifestyle and preferences. In this matrix a selection of popular large dogs are rated for 12 behavioral characteristics on a scale of high, low or medium. A rating of high means that the behavior is very prevalent in the breed while low means that the breed does not typically demonstrate this trait. Remember that dogs like people are individuals and these traits vary within breeds based on other genetic and environmental factors. However it is safe to say that breeds that rate high for a certain trait will always show more of that behavior than breeds that are rated low. For example Akitas which rate high for territorial defense will always make better guard dogs than Golden Retrievers which score low.

How to Find the Best Large Apartment Dogs that Fit your Lifestyle

The bottom rows of the matrix allow you to select your preferences by putting an X in the column. You can select more than one rating for a trait by marking X on multiple rows. For example, if you are comfortable with a breed that is low to medium in barking put X's in both the LOW and MEDIUM rows. The bottom row is for Weighting the importance of each characteristic and by default is set to 1 making each trait equally important. You can customize this to fit you own preferences. if you want a breed that is very tolerant of children and does not bark much, but if being good with kids is twice as important to you as not barking much, first select HIGH in the Tolerant of Children column and LOW in the Barking column and then type 2 in the Weighting row of the Tolerant of Children column. You can use any weighting scale you like but I suggest keeping it simple, like 1 to 3 or 1 to 5. The total score shows the % of your weighted preferences that are met by each breed. The higher the score the better the breed fits your lifestyle.

Click on the name of any breeds that interest you to see a picture and a description of its behavioral characteristics. Before purchasing any purebred dog, we strongly suggest you purchase a good breed book so you fully understand  what you are getting into for the next 12 to 15 years. Owning any dog involves a substantial commitment in money, time and emotion, the more you know before taking the final step the better off you will be.

In addition to this list of the best large apartment dogs, we have similar matrices to find both the best small and medium size breeds.

The 12 Traits in the matrix are:

Need for Exercise Demands Affection Destructiveness
Dominance over Owner Excitability Ease of House Breaking
Receptiveness to Training Playfulness Excessive Barking
Shedding Territorial Defense Tolerance for Children

Best Large Dogs Trait Matirx